7 Steps to Navigate your Experience


Discover the Greek Archipelago

Let us guide you along the nine SAILING AREAS where you can sail in GREECE.
Check out sailors suggestions for PLACES to VISIT and EVENTS to ENJOY.

"Happy is the man, who during his lifetime, has the good fortune to sail the Greek Archipelago...
Nowhere else can one pass so serenely from reality to dream." ~Nikos Kazantzakis


Plan your best Route

Plan your Own Route

Use Sail-Planner, our free online tool, to plan your sailing Route.

Build upon the
Suggested Routes

If you are short on time and want to speed up the planning process, you may choose and customise one from the Suggested Routes. The collection has been prepared by experienced Sailing professionals.

Share & collaborate
with your friends

Do not omit to use the capability for online real-time collaboration with the rest of the crew. It will make your Route planning the ultimate joy.


Book your Preferred Yacht

Our Fleet

Check out the entire Sail-la-Vie Fleet and find your perfect match.

Special Offers

For last minute scheduling and not only, check the special offers.

Your People

Book an experienced Skipper and Hostess if you wish to.

Quality System

Our Yacht Fleet and all provided Services are checked with the Sail-Safe® Quality System.


Get ready to Sail

Check the Weather

Proper weather conditions are needed for relaxed vacations, adjust route planning accordingly.

Download our
Mobile Apps

Mobile apps ease your holidays, as they provide better navigation, updated information & safety options.

Follow our
preparation tips

Good preparation is necessary for surprise-free vacations.


Enjoy Sea & Sun

Track your Route

During your sail you can use Sail-Tracker app to track your route, share it online with your friends and keep it in your logbook.

Get Events Notifications

A lot of festivals are announced the last couple of months, we will push you notifications based on the ones available near you.

Call the Captain

Our 24h call service 'Call the Captain' will support you in case of unexpected circumstances.

Socialize with
Sail la vie Yachts

Sail la vie is a growing community of sailing enthousiasts. We can bring you in contact with the ones nearby during your holidays.


Review offered Services

Operator & Skipper

Review services offered by Yacht Operator & Skipper.

Yacht Condition

Review the Yacht condition, that will help us keep the Sail-Safe system accurate.

Marinas and Hospitality Services

Review the marinas and all other places you have visited and events you have joined, so other Sail-la-vie members would benefit from your suggestions.


Remember your Moments


Water #Sports
you will enjoy

Diving is one option from the large list of activities that you can choose from!


Wonders of #Nature
you will explore

The Greek Archipelago has more that 3000 islets to discover!.


Great #Culture
you will witness

The Greek history, culture and traditions are unique over the centuries!


Local #Cuisine
you will savour

Octopus is the best meze served with Ouzo!!!


Vibrant #Nightlife
you will experience

Local festivals offer excellent cuisine, great music and dance that lasts all night long!.


in Greek "Xegnoiasia"...
you will feel

The feeling of Relaxation, Safety and Freedom is what we call Freeness!!

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